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. first, steve cook, our gold prize winner. senior fellow for middle eastern studies at the council on foreign relations. i take great pride in mentioning when he was much younger, steve was a research fellow here at the washington institute and we're very proud of steve venezuela professional accomplishments from that period up until today. very happy to have you back at this podiums steve. speaking second will be ache trader. eric is the washington instate's next generation fellow, a doctoral candidate at the university of pennsylvania, where he is completing a dissirte addition on egypt's muslim brotherhood and is going to give us special insight into the details of mohammad morsi, the muslim brotherhood and the quest to achieve a constitution. then, third, i am pleased to introduce and regretably to say farewell to ambassador cohen, he is the inaugural diplomat in's at the institute, and ambassador cohen served as israel's ambassador in egypt from 2005 to 2010 and has an on theground perspective and experience with the politics we're seeing on the ground in egypt today. so, firs
it to a neighbor of obama's. he didn't know whether to say whether that note was ever delivered. >> who is steve rogers, who you also interviewed? >> he is a professor at the kellogg school of management. at northwestern university. >> what was his connection with president obama? >> like many african-american businessmen and leaders, whom i interviewed, he was an early backer and supporter. he was primary to bobby rush in 2000. the former black panther corpsmen. he went around looking for people who donate money to his cause. steve rogers is a very successful businessman before he became a professor. he had $6000, i believe, to pay off some of his personal debt. in return, obama promised that he would visit steve rogers students. and if he won the u.s. senate seat, he did win the u.s. senate seat. rogers never heard from him, so he called him up and asked obama witty comment, and he said, i am too busy. i am getting phone calls from warren buffett and from steve jobs and bill gates in all of these important people. and he said, but you, it's. and obama said, well, you know, promises made by pol
way to the witness panel beginning with steve haydee who was hurt and served for three consecutive mandates as the armed groups experts on the drc. investigate and co-authored reports submitted and presented to the u.n. security council sanctions committee during the groups expire 2012 mandate he was also coordinator of the six member team working under security council resolution 2021. prior to joining the group of experts, mr. hege worked with organizations. really here with john prendergast, cofounder of the enough project, initiative to end genocide and crimes against humanity. these are the quick administration and the state department congress. he's worked with unicef, human rights, international crisis group and episode five and help launch the sentinel project pictures clingy. mr. prendergast to search for peace in africa for well over a quarter century. then we would hear from mvemba dizolele, who is a visiting fellow at hanford university server is petitioned the professor, lecturing africans to visit john's heart and university school of events international studies. mr.
the opportunity is screwed up. >> ambassador, i must say when you and steve chu, secretary of energy are in china, lake -- [inaudible] actually it's a wonderful part of america. here we have two chinese immigrant families representing america. it's hard to imagine it in reverse from the chinese side. but then they are not in the great society. >> do they take it as an honor? >> and deep. as ambassador locke mentioned they want to claim him and steve chu as part of the greater chinese community when they start talking about human rights or disagree with him on climate change. but nonetheless it's an amazing moments in american history. >> you went over there just before or just after the big confrontation in august of 2011 over the debt crisis here and there is so much concern whether china would continue to surface our debts and by our investment, treasury bond. i was just wondering, what is the mayor theo up our political system is working and whether our economy, whether we are a worthy partner i guess. >> abuse in the top chinese government leaders as they have great confidence in the economy
you make a deal. >> at this moment does it look like the image of a christmas eve company or steve or do week over the cliff? >> who knows. somebody who thinks they know is only guessing. maybe there's some strategy in the white house that by a certain date a work something out. >> really stop the morning with the papers. we still love the current papers. mr. woodward is assistant managing editor of the "washington post," which says fiscal year earnings yet to face wall street as stock markets are convinced that the fiscal drama is going to work out. the "financial times" has the opposite headline. they say wall street anxiety grows. so which of these is more true? >> on wall street they live in the zone of eternal and i'm peaceful coexistence of optimism and pessimism. you can talk to somebody who's in the investment world on wall street and in the morning and they're optimistic in in the afternoon their pessimistic. so i think probably one, you know, don't know. both papers have great reporters and they're talking to people about that and so forth. if you look, i would go with de
was a senator. >> steve case chairman of the case foundation co-founder of the mayor, line and so we're very fortunate to have seized pianos. they each have between five and seven minutes. and we will have a conversation. >> but we're looking at the immigration policy is and how they interact high skilled immigrants. of course, it is an issue of higher education because colleges if the policies make it difficult for the international students, and then we need to cut back of the issue came to the forefront of recent reports by 2009 water the top two actions of federal government, state, local, re search universities assure the ability of doctoral education needed to help me to national goals for energy and environment and security in the 21st century. the working group of the national academy inform public opinion, shape policy. that question posed by congress is pretty complicated and those leaders needed to put together a panel. from business, an industry, academy, government i have the privilege of being a member of the panel. asking for action three universities with 10 recommendations w
for the economy and i hope fiscal policies will follow that injunction as well. >> mr. chairman, steve beckner of market news international. with the federal government borrowing roughly $1 trillion a year and now with the fed on pace to buy roughly a trillion dollars a year in bonds, are you concerned about a public and possibly global perception that is accommodating not just growth but accommodating better role borrowing needs and are you concerned about what this might do to the credibility of the fed in the credibility of u.s. finances in general and the credibility of the dollar and in the currency? >> first of all just a couple of facts. we are buying treasuries and mortgage-backed securities, so we we are buying considerably less than the treasury is issuing and moreover, the share of outstanding treasury that the federal reserve owns is not all that different from what it was before the crisis. while our holdings have increased so has obviously the stock of treasuries in public hands so it's not quite evident that there is such a radical shift there. we have been increasing our balanc
they can to help us recover. in fact two days ago we hosted an event with congressman steve israel and sba administrator karen court mills and we invited businesses impacted on the horror stories that they shared with us work at wrenching. in addition to the lives lost in homes lost, tear the stories of businesses turned and destroyed as well was indeed at wrenching. while the sba has made available to business community those resources which illegally can, we think some changes may be warranted. almost all federal money that is available to small businesses is in the form of loans. after the storm ended this economy, small business owners are resistant to taking on more debt. most of the money lost by small business can never be recovered. if you're a homeowner, you may be eligible for a grant from fema. if you're a business owner, your only federal should is a federal loan and this has to change because those that do not get back into business fast may find themselves unable to ever open again. small businesses often live week to week have fewer reserves and are more dependent and thus r
to before steve preston took over and turned to the disaster program around and it has improved. we could work in this committee to enact further improvements and reform that senator landrieu mentioned. i was proud to work with her and others including the sba disaster reform 2008 farm bill. but we can continue to learn and to improve and enact reform and we can in this context. finally, to touch on an issue outside of our jurisdiction which is the core of engineers. it is another federal agency that is important within the disaster we have to improve the process to address real reform so we can work quickly and address needs like this. we have then working on that in a bipartisan way. we hope to have more reform in the next bill that senator boxer and i are working on now. thank you. >> senator mendez would you allow him? thank you. you have an ad day's show been a champion and we're happy to hear your opening remarks. >> thank you for the opportunity. thank you for coming to new jersey with several colleagues to look at the devastation on good jersey shore. and senator fitter ien -- san
of them is now retiring, steve latourette, the moderate tuesday cloud is retiring in large part because it is discussed at the tea party. this is a guy who would have thought of ways was the forerunner, but who mellowed over time. another way of looking is even the class of 1994 was nowhere as near conservative. >> dear liberals i compare sin. you think of something like that comes up come the position will be that the banks go? >> i think boehner in the leadership will have a decision to make and he's not going to want there to be a depression on his watch, particularly if there's a republican administration. romney supported t.a.r.p. and he supported it rather rapidly. i mention in that story than your times magazine about governor romney headed to decimate the financial crisis, when the bank meltdown was upon us and john mccain decided to suspend his campaign committee's decision came as a result of a meeting he had with economic history team. a lot of these are big corporate donors and mitt romney was among them. all of those guys basically said take it. the small town looks bad or
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10